York Plyo Boxes / Technique Boxes

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Product Information

The York Plyo/Set Up Boxes have many uses. The main ones being as a step up box, 'stackable' Plyometric boxes for explosive training and with the addition of the Beveled Technique Box can be use to assist with partial lifts, were lifting has to start from a set height due to injury or disability but it is felt  that the percipient is still capable and would benefit from such training.
The boxes are made from plywood with a 22mm thick oak finish. Each box is hand made to a fixed size of 60cm x 60cm (square).

12mm high density rubber is used to cover the top of the boxes generating a superior level of grip. This will give the athlete confidence when jumping on and off the boxes.
They come in three height sizes and one scooped technique box. The sizes are, 3 inch (76mm), 6 inch (152mm), 12 inch (304mm). The Technique Box has a moulded scoop to cradle an Olympic bar and discs. This centres the bar every time, making sure the next lift is in the correct position. Each box is finished in durable polyurethane varnish for greater longevity.

Specification and Prices
Product Price Exc Vat
3" (75cm) Set Up Box 54256
6" (152cm) Set Up Box 54257
12" (304cm) Set Up Boxes 54258
Technique Box 54259