York Olympic Rubber Iso Grip Plates

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Product Information

York applied an ingenious innovation to the standard multi hole grip plate. They made the central hub of the plate slightly thicker than the rim which means its easy to pick up from the floor. In fact you only need to stand on the rim of the plate and it will pivot upwards towards you so that you have less bending over and less strain on the lower back to grab hold of the plate. Secondly when you put the plates on the bar the hub prevents finger pinch. The steel composite casting fortifies the structural integrity of the plate and the high quality rubber casting improves durability and protects floors.

Specification and Prices
Single Hub Thickness Plate Diameter Price Exc Vat
1.25kg 3cm 18cm £3.75
2.5kg 4cm 22cm £7.50
5kg 5cm 25cm £15.00
10kg 5.5cm 30cm £30.00
15kg 6cm 35cm £45.00
20kg 6.5cm 40cm £60.00
25kg 7cm 45cm £75.00