York Legacy Solid Round Dumbells

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Product Information

York Legacy dumbbells are one of the most popular dumbbells on the market. They are designed with a specially positioned flat spot to ensure the dumbbells remain stationary when not in use. They are also extremely durable because of the way they are constructed. The handles are hydraulically pressed creating a "fishtail" steel handle end. The handles are then permanently embedded in the heads by pouring molten iron around the fishtailed ends of the thick grip solid steel shaft. The 33mm thick grip solid steel handles are then fully knurled giving a comfortable and sure grip.

Prices per pair
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2 x 2.5kg £9.98
2 x 5kg £18.31
2 x 7.5kg £26.65
2 x 10kg £34.98
2 x 12.5kg £44.98
2 x 15kg £53.31
2 x 17.5kg £61.65
2 x 20kg £69.98
2 x 22.5kg £78.31
2 x 25kg £86.65
2 x 27.5kg £94.98
2 x 30kg
2 x 32.5kg £111.65
2 x 35kg £119.98
2 x 37.5kg
2 x 40kg
2 x 45kg
2 x 50kg