York 7ft Olympic Power Barbell 32004

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Product Information

• These bars represent the epitome of over 60 years of barbell training experience. The Elite bars and Training bars can be compared with the likes of Werksan and Eleiko in their ability to not whip or oscillate and to maintain straightness over time
• The York Power Bar is made using stress relieved alloy bar from elevated temperature drawn steel
• This bar is less flexible and more rigid than traditional olympic lifting bars
• An excellent choice of bar when performing static, controlled, slow movements such as bench press, squats and dead-lift
• Each sleeve is lined with sintered bronze bushes that are impregnated with oil soon after being made. This allows the sleeves to facilitate free constant rotation of the bar, without counter-rotation of the weight plates
• The bar ends are finished with a spring pin on cold-finished seamless tubing. This secures the sleeve in place and makes it virtually failure proof
• Sleeves are machine finished to a precise 1.975-inch Diameter, accommodating any 2” diameter Olympic plate

Sleeve Diameter 2" Olympic
Weight Capacity 750kg
Grip Diameter
Bar Weight