Inspire M5 Twin Stack Multi Gym

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Commercial Use


Up to 6 Hours use per day

Product Information

The Inspire M5 Multi Gym with its two separate stations and individual weight stacks means that two people can workout at the same time.

Station One:
Station one provides a fixed and cable motion multiple position bench press and pec dec facility. By moving the back rest using the unique pivot system and the adjustable press arms you can change your position from a seated row to a seated bench press simulating a flat bench press to an incline bench press all the way up to a shoulder press and all the time your back is supported. Why a cable system as well? The cable system allows you to move in multiple plains, developing stabilizing muscles and provides all the benefits of functional training.  The leg unit provides a traditional seated leg extension and then with a pull of a pin transforms into a seated leg curl. To the side of this station and using the same weight stack is a cable system that can be used for a number of exercises including lateral raise and by standing on the block with cable in hand, calf raise exercise.

Station Two:
Station two provides a height adjustable preacher curl facility using the lower cable and standard curl bar. From the same seated position the preacher pad then clamps down onto your legs securing you in place while you use the seated row central pulley or the lat pulldown top pulley. Underneath the bottom pulley there is a foot-plate and heel pads. Place your feet on the foot-plate and your heels on the pads, re position the preacher curl pad to stomach height and you have a hyper extension bench for back workouts.


• Two 95kg (210lb) Cast Iron Weight Stacks
• Space Saving L-shape design
• Fixed and Cable Motion Press Station providing, Seated Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Back Row and Pec Dec.
• Seated Leg Extension
• Seated Leg Curl
• Low Pulley with Calf Raise Block
• Preacher Curl
• Seated Row
• Lat Pulldown
• Hyper Extension Facility
• Accessory Straps And Bars
• Orthopaedic Seat Pads
• Two Exercise Placards
• Canvas Weight Stack Shroud
• Size L x 254cm W x 223cm  H x 215cm (max)
• Light Commercial Warranty: 10 Years Parts, 90 Days Upholstery when used for a maximum of 6 hours per day