Inspire M3 Multi Gym

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Commercial Use


Up to 6 Hours use per day

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Product Information

The Inspire M3 multi gym is the rock star of home gyms. This award winning gym features a commercial quality abdominal crunch station built right into its head pad. The bench press arms are iso-lateral. What this means is that each arm moves totally independently of the other, therefore each side of one's body is responsible for exactly 50% of the load, which in turn improves muscle balance and coordination plus increases the development of the core stabilizer muscles in the mid-section. In addition the press arm offers free motion movements. Just another option to help develop muscle size and strength quicker than a traditional bench press. It has a seated leg extension and leg curl station for shaping the glutes and strengthening hamstring muscles. Its patented dual back pad tilt offers superior fit and comfort and allows you to performing incline bench press and shoulder press. It comes with a 95kg (210lb) weight stack, enough for even the most serious lifters. The M3 has it all and will help you obtain a body you never thought possible. Optional Leg Press available.


• 95kg (210lb) Cast Weight Stack
Iso-Lateral Fixed and Cable Motion Press Station providing, Flat Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Back Row and Pec Dec.
• Patented Abdominal Facility
• Lat Pulldown with padded knee hold down rollers.
• Functional Training Pulley Station
• Low Row and Standing Bicep Curl Station
• Seated Leg Extension
• Seated Leg Curl
• Accessory Straps And Bars
• Orthopaedic Seat Pads
• Canvas Weight Stack Shroud
• 50% Resistance at Mid and Low Pulleys for Functional Training Exercises
• Full Colour Laminated Wall Chart    
• Dimensions L x 183cm W x 101cm H x 206cm
• Light Commercial Warranty: 10 Years Parts, 2 years cables, 90 Days Upholstery when used for a maximum of 6 hours per day