York 7000 Series C-II Recumbent Cycle

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Commercial Use


Unlimited use per day

York 7000 C11 Recumbent Cycle Large
Product Information

The York 7000 Series C-II Recumbent Cycle is a self generating recumbent bike with a 13.5 kg flywheel, 3 piece pedal crank for durability and a York patented 7" Blue Back Light LCD display console offering a total of 25 programmes. With a recumbent bike you get additional back support and it can help maintain a lower blood pressure than a conventional bike because your legs are more horizontal. The seat height adjustment is easily changed by moving the handle and sliding along the monorail and the seat back itself pivots for the perfect exercise position. The seat back is made of mesh, this moulds to your back for comfort and allows an air flow to reduce perspiration. There is nothing to step over to mount the seat, so anyone, no matter what their ability can use this bike. The console provides 40 levels of magnetic resistance. Heart monitoring can be achieved by using either the hand grip pulse sensors that are conveniently integrated into the handle bars or telemetrically from a chest strap that transmits the reading to a built in wireless receiver which then displays the heart rate onto the console display. It has a user weight of 28.2 stone (180 kg). In addition there is a number of input sockets, plus tablet and/or book holder all incorporated into the York 7000 Series C-II versatile console.

Spirit ST800 console


• Self Generating and Power Plug
• 25 Programmes
• 40 levels of elector-magnetic resistance
• Height and Rack seat adjustment
• Hand grip pulse
• Telemetric heart rate monitoring
• Book or tablet holder
• Transportation wheels
• User Weight 28.2 Stone (180kg)
• Net Product Weight 62kg

Programmes & Console

• 7"  Blue back light LCD display


• Gola
• Pre Set Programmes x 12
• Watt x 1
• HRC x 4
• User Defined x 7


• Hill Profile
• Time
• Distance
• Speed
• Elevation
• Calories
• Pulse


• Self Generating/Plug In
• 13.5 kg Flywheel
• Net Product Weight 62kg
• User Weight 28.2 Stone (180kg)
• Light Commercial Warranty-1 year parts and labour. No hourly restrictions (Please see below for full details of the criterior that must be met to fulfil the warranty conditions)

Light Commercial Warranty Environments Covered By The York Warranty
Non-Paying Environments

SCHOOLS (Primary and Secondary)
a) PT Studio
b) Physio departments
c) Non-professional sport teams (small gym at the club house for members-participation level sports people)
d) Private Hotels (Exclusive use by guests at small luxury hotels, guest houses and boutique hotels)
e) Private Apartment Complex (gyms for people living in the apartment building)
f) Private small corporate facilities (work place gym for employees)

Exclusions - York light commercial guarantee will not cover the following
a) If PT studio is a paying gym.
b) If sports club, school, hotel, apartment block, work gym is open in the evening for local public use and/or they pay to get in.

These gyms will be classed as independent gyms and are considered to be a full commercial gyms.