Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Seated Elliptical Crosstrainer

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Up to 5 Hrs use per day

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Product Information

The Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider Seated Elliptical Crosstrainer is a new form of exercise machine that customers have been seeking for years. It is a cross between an elliptical crosstrainer and a recumbent bike and offers the advantages of both, plus a whole range of other benefits. It provides a dual action exercise that is non weight bearing with no impact on the joints. The back is fully supported at all times and from this comfortable seated position you can work both arms and legs at a variety of resistance levels achieving the same effort level as you would from a standing elliptical. The Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider has a more natural and more comfortable foot motion than a recumbent bike and the longer power stroke of the elliptical crosstrainer motion (versus the circle motion of a bike) promotes maximum muscle use. Also unlike a bike but identical to an elliptical crosstrainer, you can pedal both forwards and backwards. You can also work the arms and legs separately if you wish. On the Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider you can also flip the handles to switch between chest/back workout and bicep/tricep workout. The console provides 6 total programmes and telemetric and hand grip pulse is available. The Inspire CS-2 Cardio Strider with its low step through platform is perfect for the de-conditioned and those with disabilities but don’t think that just because there is a seat that the recumbent elliptical crosstrainer machine is just for beginners or older individuals. With numerous resistance levels, the ability to work the entire body or isolate the upper or lower body, along with strength training benefits the seated elliptical crosstrainer accommodates those who prefer a leisurely ride to those who want to go all-out for an intense total body workout session. Just like a standing elliptical crosstrainer, seated elliptical crosstrainers can challenge even the most fit and active exercisers.


• 8 Pre-set programmes
• Adjustable stride length 12" x 15" (30.4cm x 38.1cm)
• Low step through to seat
• Adjustable arms
• Handles flip to work different muscle groups
• 16 Resistance levels
• Telemetric Heart Rate Monitoring
• Hand Grip Pulse
• Back and Forth Reciprocating Leg Movement
• User Weight 21.4 Stone (136kg)
• Size L x 149.8cm W x 86.3cm 

Programmes & Console



• Blue Backlit LCD display with Hill Profile and light adjustment


• 6 Total body
• 2 Upper body 


• Time
• Distance
• Calories
• Speed
• Resistance Levels
• Heart Rate
• Watts 


• Friction Free Electro Magnetic Resistance
• Silent Poly V Belt Drive
• Flywheel 9.2kg
• User Weight 21.4 Stone (136kg)
• Size L x 142.5cm W x 81.5cm